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An eye opening ceremony



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As the opening ceremony came to a close the improvised show by the Hans Christian Andersen impersonator reminded us all of an important notion; being victorious is important but love is much more important.


This theme had showed its face previously in the opening ceremony when the two representatives for both competitors and the jury took the ESC oath in front of hundreds of people. Fair play, respect and friendly competitiveness were the key words which represent both the ISSF and its members. And as such they represent the sport as both participators and fans.


When taking part in a European Championship each and every competitor has a goal; whether it be just taking part or going for the gold medal.
But the most important thing which sometimes goes out of the window and is forgotten is respect and representing your sport reflecting fair play and respect to the attendance, the TV viewers and the sponsors.


When the ECH2013 comes to the inevitable end on Saturday and the volunteers take down the shooting ranges we can hopefully look back on a succesful championship built on fair play, respect and competetiveness the very pillars this sport and its union are built on.


Welcome and good luck to everyone participating in the ECH2013